Scrapbooking on a Budget (a small one!)!

On average, scrapbookers spend over $25 per month on supplies, and the typical scrapbook has over $1500 in supplies! Chances are, you buy products that you think are cute, or items you’ve seen someone else use - but they don’t always end up on the pages of your scrapbook albums. What happens to the unused supplies? We stash them away, hoping to use them on a layout at some point- and run out to purchase more!

There are things you can do to scrapbook on a budget, even when your budget is small! You can mimic the look of higher priced products with just a little creativity, and you may be happier with the results of your lower priced, personally designed solution than you would have been using a product off the store shelves!

If you’re a scrapbooker who uses alphabet stickers and stamps to create the titles and journaling of your pages, you know the extensive variety of fonts available. Chances are, you always want the newest style in lettering, also! Buying alphabet stickers can really add up over time, because you only get a single use out of each letter. In addition, you probably rarely have the letter stickers in the exact color that you want, so you will buy more and more to try and get every possible color imaginable to match any layout style! Stamps are a little more economical than alphabet stickers, because you at least have the option to reuse your stamps, over and over again on as many layouts as you would like.

The only expense after you’ve purchased your alphabet stamps is ink, and honestly, an inkpad will last a long time. The draw back of using stamps is that as a scrapbooker, you probably won’t want to use the same set of stamps on every page- and you’ll be tempted to purchase more stamps in different styles to keep your pages exciting. An efficient solution to the alphabet supply problem is to use your computer to create your titles and journaling. You can manipulate text in your favorite word processing software, and with a little patience and knowledge, you can use graphics software to mimic the look of absolutely any style of lettering you desire. If time is a concern, doing a search online for “scrapbooking fonts” and related terms will find sites that you can download different fonts and lettering styles to use without any manipulation at all!

When you do need to purchase supplies, you can increase your paper choices without buying more paper simply by purchasing paper that is “double-dipped”. Now available in the scrapbooking world are heavy cardstocks that have a solid color on one side, and a patterned paper on the other. This will give you more options when you are coordinating colors and choosing paper, without having to have more paper on hand. If you’re lucky enough to live near a specialty scrapbook store, buy your paper there and chances are you’ll have free use of there die cut machines. Always remember to take into consideration nontraditional supplies for use in your scrapbook albums. Browse the office supply aisles, as there are many supplies that can be used on your pages- and office products are typically less expensive than materials dedicated for scrapbooking. You can also find great items to embellish your pages in the dollar store!

You’ll have to think outside the box and use a little creativity to integrate these items on your pages, but there is such a variety of items in a dollar store, you’re bound to find something to liven up your next scrapbook layout.

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